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Asian American Coal

Evan Energy Investments was the founding shareholder of Asian American Coal in 1997. Asian American helped revolutionize the underground Chinese coal mining industry with the introduction of a modern single-pass longwall with multiple-entry development, which is safer and more productive than traditional mining methods used in China at the time. The company also successfully introduced a comprehensive safety program. At the time, Asian American Coal was the only Sino-foreign company to be the majority owner of a coal mine in China.

Asian American had two joint venture projects, the Shanxi Asian American Daning-Energy Company (56% ownership) and Shanxi Gaohe Energy Company (45%). Its first operation, Daning, has an operational capacity of over 4 million metric tons per year of high quality anthracite, using a single-pass 4.5 meter longwall. The Gaohe mine also uses underground long-wall mining technology and is expected to produce coal at its designed capacity of 6 million metric tons per annum in 2013.

Evan Energy Investments ultimately negotiated a successful sale of Asian American Coal to a subsidiary of Banpu Public Company Limited in 2008.

Asian American Gas


Building off its initial investment in Asian American Coal, Evan Energy Investments saw the potential to commercialize coal bed methane (CBM) in China, through coal seam degasification. Along with other investors in Asian American Coal, Evan Energy Investments participated in the spin-off of Asian American Gas in 2006. Asian American Gas is now AAG Energy Holding Ltd and is registered on the Hong Kong Exchange.

For more information, please visit aagenergy.com.

Inter-American Coal

Inter american coal

During his years at A.T. Massey Coal Company, Morgan Massey oversaw the development of high-quality coal reserves in Central Appalachia and recognized the eventual need to find alternative sources of similar quality coal. After his retirement, Mr. Massey found this alternative source in the high-quality coalfields of the Guasare basin in Venezuela, which led to the development of the Mina Norte mine. In 1995, Mr. Massey joined forces with Inter American Coal Group, which had been exporting coal from Norte de Santander, Colombia, since 1985. Ultimately, Evan Energy Investments became the majority shareholder in the combined company, now known as Inter-American Coal.

Today, Inter-American Coal is a leading supplier and producer of high-quality thermal coal, metallurgical coal, and coke from South America. Through integration of coal mining, trading, marketing, and logistics, Inter-American Coal has become a dominant player in the Colombian coal industry. The company is currently expanding its coking operations, with the goal of becoming a leader in improved environmental and safety standards.

For more information, please visit  interamericancoal.com.

Minerals Refining Company

Minerals Refining Co

In 2012, Evan Energy Investments partnered with Dr. Roe-Hoan Yoon, University Distinguished Professor at Virginia Tech and Director of the Center for Advanced Separation Technologies, to launch Minerals Refining Company (MRC). MRC was formed to commercialize Dr. Yoon’s patented technology, the Hydrophobic-Hydrophilic (HHS) Process, which uses surface chemistry to simultaneously clean and dewater fine and ultrafine coal and minerals.

The HHS Process consistently recovers salable product, with ash content of 3% to 6% by weight and single-digit moisture values -  from the waste stream that is typically discharged into a slurry pond.  Although MRC’s initial focus is in the coal industry, its technology has applications throughout mineral markets such as copper, lead, zinc and silver mining operations.

Supported by decades of university research and led by industry veterans, MRC’s technology heralds a new future for coal and mineral processing.

For more information, please visit www.mineralsrefining.com.

Ventilation Technology

Recognizing the need for the very latest in modern technology to monitor and control mine ventilation systems, Evan Energy Investments engaged the Mining and Minerals Engineering Department at Virginia Tech to complete a study of the development of a real-time, comprehensive atmospheric monitoring system for underground coal mines. The goal of the system is the use of modern technology to detect unsafe atmospheres rapidly, provide early warning of the development of high-risk atmospheres, and alert operators to problems in the ventilation system that can cause unsafe conditions.


Other Investments

Besides Evan Energy’s private investments, the Company also manages a portfolio of investments in publicly traded energy companies. Its selection criteria include investing in companies that have superior assets and strategy led by management teams that share with us a similar philosophy. By investing in both public and private assets, Evan Energy believes it can deploy its resources in a prudent manner, focusing on our cornerstone private investments while participating in the broader energy industry.

Mariac Shipping Group

Through our partnerships in Mariac Shipping Company, Mariac Bulk Shipping Company, and GBSMT, LTD, Evan Energy has made significant investments in geared, ocean-going vessels, capable of high-speed self-loading and self-discharging.  In addition to the geared vessels, Mariac has developed expertise in transshipment, with current operations in Guinea, Trinidad, Ghana, and India.
For more information, please visit the website of our shipping partners and ship management company, SMT Shipping: www.smtshipping.com
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