• 5002 Monument Avenue
  • Richmond, Virginia 23230
  • Telephone: 804.648.1611
  • Fax: 804.648.4126
  • Email: info@evanenergy.com

About Evan Energy

Evan Energy Investments, located in Richmond, Virginia, invests in high-quality, energy-related projects throughout the world. Evan Energy pursues projects that have superior resources, proven management teams, and the potential for innovative practices, technology, safety and training. We employ our experience and knowledge of the industry, to make long-term investments with the potential for superior returns.

Evan Energy Investments was formally organized in 2004 and is the successor to the private, energy-related investments of Evan Morgan Massey. Morgan Massey began his career in the coal industry in 1949, when he joined A.T. Massey Coal Company, which had been founded by his grandfather in 1916. Mr. Massey ultimately became President of A.T. Massey in 1972, and grew the company into the 4th largest coal company in the United States.

After his retirement in 1992, Mr. Massey was free to pursue his long-time personal interest in international coal projects. This interest initially led him to South America and then to China, and gave rise to the organization of Evan Energy Investments. Today, we continue to build on this long history in the energy industry through investments in new projects. In a world with an ever-increasing demand for energy resources, our vision is to ensure that the fundamental business philosophies of the previous generations will endure to help meet the energy needs of future generations.

5002 Monument Avenue Richmond, Virginia 23230